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The pregnancy hormones do have an impact on your emotions and you are bound to be panic stricken.

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Big swollen ankles, a wide belly, are some of the common changes when you are expecting a new addition to your family. It is not only the interiors, but your relationship with the outside world will also change during the course of pregnancy. In a way, it can be a bit tricky as sometimes you might feel close and other times a bit left out.

Your interests may not on the same page.

How do babies experience relationship and the moment you see a line on a stick (plastic) you do feel like a mom? A host of symptoms does confirm your newly appointed status. Your man will not feel like a father till he goes on to hold the bundle of joy for the first time. It is not that he does feel excited, but he may not be on the same wavelength as you are in. Try not to be upset with the situation as in due course he will feel concerned.

You are bound to be clingy

The pregnancy hormones do have an impact on your emotions and you are bound to be panic stricken. Many women experience a feeling of abandonment during the early stages pregnancy and many unwanted thoughts are bound to emerge at this point of time. This leads the women to make certain unreasonable demands, but do not worry as she will become normal as the pregnancy progresses. It is the right time to warn your partner and shower them with all the emotions or attention you are craving for

Intimacy levels are bound to suffer

You get used to the functions of the body during pregnancy is a challenge, and when you share with them with your partner it is bound to be a new thing for both of you. These are moments which both of you will enjoy and be connected to each other on an emotional level. All this may seem a bit intimating at first, but trust me you are bound to enjoy it with the passage of time.

One is bound to feel left out

Everything is going to happen to you. Apart from a few congrats or a few claps all the excitement levels are centred around you. All this may make him drift a bit apart and sometimes he may not feel connected to you. The onus is on you and you need to make him feel the hump and make him an integral part of pregnancy. Teach him on how to talk to your baby and how to go on and play with a soccer ball. If you surprise him with his favourite dish, then he might still think that he is the right guy for you.

Physical intimacy is bound to reduce.

Romance is pushed down to the back burner when most women are exhausted, tired in the early stages of their pregnancy. With the passage of time, the hump becomes bigger, which makes it difficult to get between the sheets and more often than not the position is not exact. But the message is that you should keep the physical level strong with your partner as it will help you connect on an emotional level. The relationship with husband during pregnancy is taken on a different level if the physical aspect is taken care of.

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